Do you have a new puppy that needs a little extra love and attention while you are working all day? As a professional pet sitter in Houston, I can help.

Here is an example of a puppy sit I cover Monday through Friday, while the owners are away….

Mia is a German Shepherd puppy that I visit during the week for midday dog walks.  As I enter her home, I can hear her moving around in her crate.  As I climb the stairs I can hear her whimpering.  Then when I enter the room, she starts jumping up in her crate.  Mia is so excited to see me, her pet sitter!!  It makes me smile.  I open her crate door and she runs downstairs.  I quickly leash her up and go outside.  She heads for the grassy area to pee and after she is done I praise her.  “Good girl, Mia!” I tell her. Then, we go for our daily dog walk. She loves it! She is still learning how to walk nicely on a leash, but I enjoy her puppy enthusiasm, and I know she will get better each day as she gets used to our daily dog walking routine.  Sometimes we see other dog walkers out enjoying the day, too. Mia gets really excited when she sees other dogs.

After our dog walk, we return back inside for her to snack on a treat.  I wash out her water bowl and refill it.  Then we sit on the floor to play with her toys.  Mia wants to play with every single toy at once.  We practice her commands; “Drop It”, “Sit”, “Stay”.  Mia definitely understands “Drop It” as she lets the toy fall out of her mouth each time I say “Drop It”.  Her face is so cute that I kiss her head!  We go outside one more time for one more potty break. 

Now it is time for Mia to relax and get ready to return to her crate.  I sit on the floor and pet her.  She seems very content.  Then I get a small treat so she will follow me back upstairs to her crate.  As she enters it, I tell her “Good girl!”  I give her the treat as I close the door.  Mia lies down to nap until her Mom & Dad return later. 

As I walk out of the room, I am reminded of what a wonderful job I have as a pet sitter!  Playing and care for puppies like Mia!

When I tell others the joys of pet sitting, they are intrigued the career I’ve chosen. I love my job in the pet care profession. My job entails dog sitting, dog walking, cat sitting, house sitting and overnight pet care. While I have a standard set of pet care services I offer, I also tailor my pet sitting services to meet the needs of individual clients.